Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pink Faerie

In the spirit of the lovely blossoming sakura trees, I decided to do a pink sakura faerie photoshoot. The dress was pulled from my 2012 collection for Daisy Viktoria Fashion, and I made the wings too. The wings are organza attached to a wire frame and coated in resin, which makes them strong and durable. I plan to use these wings in fashion shows in the future, so I wanted them to be able to take a light beating.

I have some more photos on my website too:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Crown Tournament

My SCA kingdom, Caid, recently held Crown Tournament to determine the next Prince and Princess, who will go on to become the next King and Queen. The event was a lot of fun! It was especially awesome for me because my friend Aibhilin is here from Trimaris (Florida). She is the one dressed in 16th c. German kampfrau garb in these photo. My friend Angharat was also there, and she is wearing the lovely green gown.

My dress is a 12th century bliaut, made of purple linen. The belt is cotton velvet with machine embroidery. The underdress is white linen with trim and a brooch, and the tressour (hat) is brocade with faux pearls.
I have some more photos of my dress on my website: