Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Gaslight Gathering

This year I had to miss Gaslight Gathering. My friend Lauren went though, and she wore clothing from my fashion line. It's kind of like a part of me was there!
I made her corset, skirt, and black shirt, as well as the tiny hat.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Medb's Estrella Wardrobe

I wanted to share my wardrobe from Estrella War this year. This really shows how one can embody a multitude of eras and cultures in the SCA.
Estrella War takes place in Arizona. Historically, it is held during a very cold part of the year, but it was moved to a new time and site this year, so I got to wear some warm weather clothes!
1. late 14th / early 15th c. French
2. Minoan
3. 16th c. German
4. early Greek (taken at the thrown weapons range - got 2nd place in the War tournament!)
5. 14th c. French

All of these costumes are shown in more detail on my website, in case you want to see more pictures: http://www.faerie-queen.com/historical/

Friday, May 18, 2012

Al-Savalley Anniversary

Two of the Shires near my area had a joint anniversary celebration. My boyfriend and I wore our new blue cotehardies, as you can see below. I went for a very whimsical feeling on these. While staying within the realm of historical accuracy, I sort of Pre-Raphaelite-d it up, as I so enjoy doing. Yay, fun! At the event, we did thrown weapons during most of the day, and I ran a competition.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red Wool Cloak and Hood

I was inspired by Red Riding Hood to make some 14th century winter garments. I had a lot of dark red wool that I had previously obtained for very cheap, and a fruitful trip to the textile district provided me with some grey and white flecked faux fur for lining.

The cloak is made in a modified semi-circular pattern. Though we have evidence for the existence of true semi-circular cut cloaks, we also have experience in wearing them and fussing with them as they slide around. A simple modification for shoulders completely alleviates that issue so the cloak sits comfortably on the wearer's shoulders. I also added a hood to my cloak and arm holes. Arm holes are a convenience for grabbing things and generally moving around without having to fling your cloak open and invite all that cold air in.

The hood is a pretty simple 14th century style. The front buttons closed, and it is lined in faux fur.

More pictures to come! We did a photoshoot with these, along with the blue cotehardies from my previous post.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Light Blue Cotehardies - In Progress

Hello! I wanted to share some progress photos from a recent project. I made these light blue linen cotehardies for my boyfriend and myself. Aw, so matchy! Below, you can see my boyfriend modeling a shell of a garment, pre-buttons, followed by my dress pre and post-buttonholes, lacing, and applique. More photos of the finished garments to come!