Saturday, December 29, 2012

Woodland Elf

I am a fancy elf princess, after all! (haha, couture aranel...)

This was really fun! The top and skirt were created as part of my fashion line a few months ago, and I quickly turned them into an elf costume as well. I've always associated with the elves.

The bow is my combat bow, which I use in the SCA, on those rare occasions when I actually have spare time away from Arts&Sciences and teaching and I can play combat archer for the day instead. The arrow in the photos is a target arrow - the combat ones are super bulky so they don't penetrate armour!

You can see more photos here:

Friday, December 21, 2012

Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia Day is a beloved tra­di­tion in Swe­den. The orig­i­nal Lucia was a 3rd cen­tury Ital­ian girl who wore a crown of can­dles and brought food to those who were per­se­cuted. Another leg­end says that in Varm­land, Swe­den, where my fam­ily lives, Lucia brought food to the starv­ing vil­lagers at Lake Van­ern. St. Lucia Day is Decem­ber 13, which was pre­vi­ously Win­ter Sol­stice on the old Julian cal­en­dar. On this day, the eldest daugh­ter dresses up and brings Lucia buns to her house­hold, with younger sib­lings also in pro­ces­sion. The straw goat in these images is called a jul­bock, and many peo­ple in Swe­den have these fes­tive guys at Christ­mas time.

I chose to cre­ate a mod­ern, updated ver­sion of the clas­sic Saint Lucia dress, a white gown with a red sash, this one suit­able for my own fash­ion aesthetic.

You can see more photos here:

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Medieval Marketplace

We recently went to Medieval Marketplace, an SCA shopping event at a local park. We took Laura with us, so I dressed her up. She happened to fit perfectly into my old green kirtle. I made this kirtle in a rush right before Gulf Wars the year I joined the SCA and suddenly needed a week's worth of garb. Anyway, I think it fits Laura better than it fits me now!

I wore one of my newest dresses, my green and purple/pink/whatever-that-color-is-called cotehardie/kirtle, and my boyfriend wore his newest cotehardie. My frilled veil is also new, and I the coif he is wearing is fairly new as well, all made within the last year. (I just haven't edited my photos of these garments yet because I am lazy! Okay, because I am busy...)

I do wish there weren't cars and modern things in the background. I am so jealous of European SCAdians and other reenactors who live in Europe and get to go to events at real historical locations!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

American McGee's Alice

I've neglected my blog! I've been so busy!
I created this blog with the intention of posting mostly historical stuff, but the fantasy seems to creep in more and more. It IS a big part of who I am. (:

And on that note, here is a cosplay I did of American McGee's Alice from the haunting video game based on a twisted Alice in Wonderland. The model is not me this time, it's Lauren Brooks. This costume is also featured on Fairytale Vixens, as well as my own website.

And you can see more of my photos here: