Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Red Wool Cloak and Hood

I was inspired by Red Riding Hood to make some 14th century winter garments. I had a lot of dark red wool that I had previously obtained for very cheap, and a fruitful trip to the textile district provided me with some grey and white flecked faux fur for lining.

The cloak is made in a modified semi-circular pattern. Though we have evidence for the existence of true semi-circular cut cloaks, we also have experience in wearing them and fussing with them as they slide around. A simple modification for shoulders completely alleviates that issue so the cloak sits comfortably on the wearer's shoulders. I also added a hood to my cloak and arm holes. Arm holes are a convenience for grabbing things and generally moving around without having to fling your cloak open and invite all that cold air in.

The hood is a pretty simple 14th century style. The front buttons closed, and it is lined in faux fur.

More pictures to come! We did a photoshoot with these, along with the blue cotehardies from my previous post.

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