Sunday, June 10, 2012

Purple Velvet Cotehardie

This is a dress I made last year. I realized it was before I started this blog, and I wanted to share anyway. Plus, I only recently took fancy photos for my website. I wear it occasionally to court-like events, but I am choosing to share the fancy photos rather than the plain old event photos.
This is a cotehardie, late 14th century French style. It is made of velvet and fully lined in silk with matching silk sleeves, belt, and tressour crispinette (the hat). The buttons and button holes were all done by hand, and all the beading and trim was also applied by hand. I made the necklace too. Lots of work, totally worth it!

More images are here on my site:


  1. I would love to speak with you about the Tressor Crispinette and how you created it! I will be in Caid this (Aug 10 -13) weekend, I am creating some garb for a family of 4 women, and they have asked to have Crispinettes but I can't find any how to guides, could you help me?


    1. Hi Cilean!
      I'm pretty busy this weekend, but I can definitely give you some tips! There are many ways I've seen crispinettes done, typically anything that looks like a net. Mine are made from strips of cloth that I stitched together, and then I basically set the cloth in the shape I wanted for the crispinette and tacked all the overlap parts of the strips. I have false hair that I sometimes wear with it, though in these pictures I just used my real hair (false hair behaves better!). Does that make sense?