Monday, September 24, 2012

Indian Garb

This is an Indian outfit I made several years ago, I believe in 2008. It's based on late 16th century images. I've worn it only once before because I had made it for summer and then it ended up being really cold! Then it got pushed to the back of my closet and forgotten. I just wore it this weekend to our local archery and thrown weapons competition, partially because it was hot and partially because I wanted photos.

The choli and skirt are made of patterned silk, and then there is also an underskirt. This could also be worn with a sari on top, I just like to show off my fancy fabric! ;p

More photos are here:


  1. May I ask where did you find a pattern for this lovely Indian outfit? I too enjoy making my own costumes for SCA. Thanks!

  2. Hi Jenn!
    I draft all of my historical patterns myself based on research. I think you can find some folkwear patterns for cholis and skirts that are pretty reasonable to use for SCA. This choli is a very basic shape, similar to the patterning commonly used for middle eastern garb.