Saturday, February 2, 2013

16th Century Venetian Lady Garb

I got some nice photos of my gown at 12th Night! I've been meaning to take good photos of this, but I rarely wear it since I am normally pretty active at SCA events. I do really love it though, and 12th Night was the perfect event for it!

This is the late 16th c. Venetian gown I made for myself. The chemise, or cam­i­cia, is made of white linen. The corset is white silk and fully boned with reed, com­plete with hand-stitched bon­ing chan­nels. The part­let is white lace in a Venet­ian style pat­tern with a stand-up col­lar around the back. The gown itself is made of bur­gundy silk/rayon blend vel­vet with sleeves and con­trast­ing hem made of blue silk dupi­oni. I did all of the cut­work pat­terns in the silk by hand. The skirt is car­tridge pleated onto the bodice, which laces with Venet­ian style lad­der lac­ing. The gown is accented with jew­elry and a flag fan, also all made by me. In addi­tion, I cre­ated chopines, tall plat­form shoes. My chopines are made from cork with fab­ric dec­o­ra­tion.

More photos here:

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