Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Elizabethan Corset For Sale

Elizabethan corset for sale! This was going to be my new standard linen one for my Tudor/Elizabethan gowns, but I cut it from the wrong size, so I went ahead and finished it and put it up for sale. It's discounted because I can't use it, so I may as well just get it out of here! It can also be used for regular fantasy costuming, as well as historical. The boning is minimal, so the corset is supportive but not overly constrictive, just comfortable and holds you in place!

This one will fit a waist size of about 27-30" (most ideal is 28-29"). It may fit up to a 32" waist with a small gap in front.

Marked down to $90, rather than the normal $220 for a custom fitted version of this.


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